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Version: 1.21.X


Kubernetes Fury Distribution is designed as a modular Kubernetes distribution.

This modular design enables to:

  • Easily extend the distribution with new features when we need to.
  • Use only the modules that you need. Less moving pieces equals less maintenance cost, simpler systems to understand, and a smaller attack surface.

Core Modules

The core modules provide essential functionality to the distribution.

ModuleIncluded ReleaseDescription
NetworkingVersionNetworking functionality via Calico CNI
IngressVersionFast and reliable Ingress Controller and TLS certificate management
LoggingVersionA centralized logging solution based on the EFK stack (Elastic, Fluentd and Kibana)
MonitoringVersionMonitoring and alerting functionality based on Prometheus, AlertManager and Grafana
Disaster RecoveryVersionBackup and disaster recovery solution using Velero
OPAVersionPolicy and Governance for your cluster using OPA Gatekeeper and Gatekeeper Policy Manager

Add-on Modules

Add-on modules provide additional functionality to the distribution.

ModuleLatest ReleaseDescription
KongVersionAdd Kong API Gateway for Kubernetes applications via Kong Ingress Controller
Service MeshVersionDeploy a service mesh on top of KFD
RegistryVersionIntegrate a Container Registry solution