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Version: 1.28.0

Core Components

KFD comprises two distinct types of core components, each playing a crucial role in the deployment and configuration of Kubernetes clusters:

Installers and Modules are used under the hood by furyctl to provision a complete cluster.


Installers are fundamental to the Kubernetes Fury Distribution, serving as the means to deploy Kubernetes clusters across various supported cloud providers. These components streamline the cluster creation process, ensuring that you can easily set up a Kubernetes environment with minimal effort.


Modules are integral to configuring and customizing the infrastructure within your Kubernetes cluster. These components empower you to fine-tune your cluster's behavior by adding or modifying specific configurations. Modules enable you to tailor your Kubernetes environment to meet your organization's unique requirements.

How to use them

To leverage the power of KFD and start deploying Kubernetes clusters with ease, you'll primarily interact with furyctl, the command-line tool that orchestrates the use of installers and modules.

You can also use these components in a standalone, manual fashion.