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Version: 1.24.X

Kubernetes Fury Distribution Release v1.24.0

Welcome to KFD release v1.24.0. This release supports Kubernetes runtime v1.24.x.

The distribution is maintained with ❤️ by the team SIGHUP, and is battle tested in production environments.

This release adds a bunch of new features and improvements to the core modules, adds a new core module auth and some package replacement/removals.

New Features since v1.23.3

Core Module Updates

There are no updates from v1.23.3.

Upgrade procedure

Check the v1.23.3-to-v1.24.0 upgrade guide for the detailed procedure.

Breaking changes

There are no breaking changes when upgrading from v1.23.3.

New features 🌟

No new features since v1.23.3.