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Version: 1.25

Tigera Package

The Tigera package provides the Tigera Operator, a Kubernetes Operator for Calico, and some ready to go configurations to enable Networking capabilities for a Kubernetes cluster.

Tigera Operator

The Tigera Operator is an alternative to the Calico manifests package. It provides CNI and networking capabilities to a Kubernetes cluster.

On-premises installation

To install the Tigera operator in an empty on-premises cluster run the following command:

  1. Deploy the on-prem package, it will deploy both the Operator and the configuration:
kustomize build katalog/tigera/on-prem | kubectl apply -f - --server-side

If you would like customize the installation, patch the tigera/on-prem/custom-resources.yaml your desired configuration. See the official documentation for details.

Migrating from Calico manifests to the Tigera Operator

To migrate from a manifests installation to the Tigera operator the high-level steps are:

  1. Install the on-prem version:
kustomize build katalog/tigera/on-prem | kubectl apply -f - --server-side
  1. The operator will adopt the existing resources and migrate them to the calico-system namespace.

Please refer to Calico's documentation for more details:

⚠️ If you were using "Infra" nodes, you'll need to patch the Install resource with the right NodeSelector and Tolerations. For example with the following Kustomize patchesStrategicMerge:

kind: Installation
name: default
controlPlaneNodeSelector: "infra"
- key:
value: infra
operator: Equal
effect: NoSchedule

The Operator moves Calico's pods from the kube-system namespace to the calico-system. As part of the on-prem variant, you are provided with the new resources (Services and ServiceMonitors) to keep the monitoring working in the new namespace.

You might want to delete the old and unneeded Services and ServiceMonitors remaining in the kube-system namespace:

kubectl delete service -n kube-system calico-node felix-metrics-svc kube-controllers-metrics-svc
kubectl delete -n kube-system calico-node

EKS Policy-only mode installation

The eks-policy-mode package is used to run the Tigera Operator for enforcing network policies -and not as CNI- in a EKS cluster.

The policy only mode will install the operator and configure it to not enable the CNI features.

To install it run the following command:

kustomize build katalog/tigera/policy-only | kubectl apply -f - --server-side

Note that you can also completely replace the AWS CNI with Calico if you need to: