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Version: 1.25


Kubernetes Fury Distribution was designed to be deployed on top of any standard Kubernetes clusters. However, since many cloud providers deploy their own flavour of Kubernetes, we have designed installers to create a consistent, and common cluster interface across various providers.


According to the CNCF definition, an installer downloads and then installs vanilla upstream Kubernetes.

The goal is to offer a consistent feature set:

  • Private control plane: The cluster control plane shouldn't be public. Only accessible from a user-defined network
  • Seamless cluster updates: The control plane should be updated as soon as a new release is available.
  • Seamless node pools updates: Once the clusters control-plane receives an update, node pools should be updated too. These installers make this process straightforward.
  • Support for multiple node pools: It's interesting to have various node pools to enable different workload types. Each node pool can be configured to have different machine types, labels, Kubernetes versions, etc.

Fury Installers

Fury Installers

Installs and configures managed services like EKS, GKE or AKS in a production-ready way without learning the internals of each service.

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