furyctl documentation

furyctl is the package manager for Kubernetes Fury Distribution.

Source Code

You can find the source code in it's own github repository.


Latest stable furyctl release is v0.2.2.


You can install furyctl binary in any linux/macOS based system.

Github Releases

Every furyctl release is published as github releases in form of binary file and archive one (.tar.gz).

To install it in any linux/macOS based system:

$ uname
$ curl -Ls https://github.com/sighupio/furyctl/releases/download/v0.2.2/furyctl-darwind-amd64 -o furyctl
$ chmod +x furyctl
$ mv furyctl /usr/local/bin/furyctl
$ furyctl version
2020/02/26 16:48:27 Furyctl version  0.2.2


If you are a macOS (also works in linux) user, you should be familiar with homebrew. To install furyctl using hombrebrew follow this simple guide:

$ brew tap sighupio/furyctl
$ brew install furyctl
$ furyctl version
2020/02/26 16:48:27 Furyctl version  0.2.2


$ furyctl --help
A command line tool to manage cluster deployment with kubernetes

  furyctl [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  init        Initialize the minimum distribution configuration
  vendor      Download dependencies specified in Furyfile.yml
  version     Prints the client version information

  -h, --help     help for furyctl

Use "furyctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.


Furyfile.yml is a yaml file where you list which packages (and versions) you want to have.


versions: # map of prefixes and versions used to force a specific version for all the matching roles/modules/bases.
  # e.g. will force version v1.15.5-1 if the name matches "aws*".
  aws: v1.15.5-1
  monitoring: v1.3.0

provider: # You can define custom providers to download bases, modules or roles.
  modules: # Map of diferent terraform modules provider
    aws: # Custom name for this provider
      - url: https://github.com/terraform-aws-modules # Where to locate modules
        label: official-modules  # Label

roles: # list of ansible roles to download.
  - name: aws/ # In this case furyctl will download every role inside -> https://github.com/sighupio/fury-kubernetes-aws/tree/v1.15.5-1/roles

modules: # list of terraform modules to download.
  - name: aws/aws-vpc # In this case furyctl will download just the aws-vpc terraform module from -> https://github.com/sighupio/fury-kubernetes-aws/tree/v1.15.5-1/modules/aws-vpc
  - name: terraform-aws-rds # In this case furyctl will download the terraform module from -> https://github.com/terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-rds
    version: v2.14.0
    provider: # Map with information related to the provider
      name: aws # Custom name of the provider
      label: official-modules # Label
    registry: true # Indicates to use non SIGHUP modules

bases: # list of kustomize/kubernetes projects to download.
  - name: monitoring # In this case furyctl will download every kustomize/kubernetes project from -> https://github.com/sighupio/fury-kubernetes-monitoring/tree/v1.3.0/katalog
  - name: aws/storageclass # In this case furyctl will download just the storageclass kustomize project from -> https://github.com/sighupio/fury-kubernetes-aws/tree/v1.15.4-6/katalog/storageclass
    version: v1.15.4-6 # versions can be overridden if needed by specifying them for each package.



The init command can be used to download basic files to deploy the Kubernetes Fury Distribution (kustomization.yaml and Furyfile.yml).

$ furyctl init --help
Initialize the current directory with the minimum distribution configuration

  furyctl init [flags]

  -h, --help             help for init
      --version string   Specify the Kubernetes Fury Distribution version

Example usage:

$ furyctl init --version v1.3.0
2020/02/27 08:24:46 downloading: http::https://github.com/sighupio/fury-distribution/releases/download/v1.3.0/Furyfile.yml -> Furyfile.yml
2020/02/27 08:24:47 downloading: http::https://github.com/sighupio/fury-distribution/releases/download/v1.3.0/kustomization.yaml -> kustomization.yaml
$ ls
Furyfile.yml            kustomization.yaml

You can find available versions in the Kubernetes Fury Distribution github repository.


This command downloads every package defined in a Furyfile.yml in a new directory named vendor.

$ furyctl vendor --help
Download dependencies specified in Furyfile.yml

  furyctl vendor [flags]

  -h, --help       help for vendor
  -H, --https      if true downloads using https instead of ssh
  -p, --parallel   if true enables parallel downloads (default true)

Example usage:

$ ls
$ cat Furyfile.yml
  - name: monitoring
    version: v1.3.0
$ furyctl vendor
2020/02/27 08:36:09 downloading: git@github.com:sighupio/fury-kubernetes-monitoring//katalog?ref=v1.3.0 -> vendor/katalog/monitoring