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Version: 1.26.6


This guide describes the steps to follow to upgrade the Kubernetes Fury Distribution from one versions to the next.

If you are running a custom set of modules, or different versions than the ones included with each release of KFD, please refer to each module's release notes.

⛔️ IMPORTANT we strongly recommend reading the whole guide before starting the upgrade process to identify possible blockers.

Upgrade procedure

Check the available automatic upgrade paths here. These are the tested and suggested upgrade paths to be used.

Run the upgrade

Change .spec.distributionVersion on your furyctl.yaml file with the new vX.X.X version.

Validate the schema using:

furyctl validate config

Apply the new configuration on the cluster with:

furyctl apply --upgrade

Additional useful flags when upgrading


In the OnPremises provider, during the upgrade, you can use the --skip-nodes-upgrade flag to skip the actual upgrade of the worker nodes and only do the upgrade of the masters.

In a second moment, you can run for each worker, the command

furyctl apply --upgrade-node <nodename>

where nodename is the name in the furyctl.yaml file

Upgrade fails during a phase

You can run the command

furyctl apply --upgrade

and furyctl will start from the last successful phase. If you want to start from a different phase, you can use the flag --start-from like this:

furyctl apply --upgrade --start-from pre-distribution

you can find all the available parameters with the furyctl apply --upgrade --help command.

Manual upgrade procedure

To upgrade your cluster to the next version manually, follow the release notes for each module and installer.