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Version: 1.25

KFD Release v1.25 🎉

Kubernetes Fury Distribution has its 1.25 release made with quite a few changes and enhancements over all the core modules.

This version introduces support for Kubernetes versions 1.25.x and includes the following new features:

  • We've improved the out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities of all core modules, adding new metrics, dashboards and alerts for key components of the distribution.
  • Logging
    • Introduced a new loki-distributed package, now considered stable.
    • Added a new package minio-ha used to store error logs from fluentd, and as a backend storage for loki-disributed package.
    • Added a new index for infrastructural (KFD's) components and left the kubernetes index for applications specific logs.
  • Monitoring
    • Added Karma package, providing a central dashboard to monitor several instances of alert manager in a centralized manner.

1.25 releases