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Version: 1.23

v1.22.1 to 1.23.3 Upgrade Guide

This guide describes the steps to follow to upgrade the Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD) from v1.22.1 to v1.23.3.

If you are running a custom set of modules, or different versions than the ones included with each release of KFD, please refer to each module's release notes.

Notice that the guide will not cover changes related to the cloud provider, ingresses or pod placement changes. Only changes related to KFD and its modules.

Upgrade procedure

As a high-level overview, the upgrade procedure consists on:

  1. Upgrading KFD (all the core modules).
  2. Upgrading the Kubernetes cluster itself.

1. Upgrade KFD

KFD v1.22.1 and v1.23.3 run the same version of modules and the modules are compatible with both versions of Kubernetes (1.23.x and 1.24.y).

Upgrade is straightforward, proceed to upgrade Kubernetes.

2. Upgrade Kubernetes

Being that the underlying Kubernetes cluster could have been created in several different ways, the upgrade of Kubernetes itself is considered out of the scope of this guide.

Please refer to the corresponding documentation for upgrade instructions.

For clusters created with Furyctl:

For clusters created with Fury on-premises: