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Version: 1.23

Prometheus Operator

Operators are application-specific controllers for complex state-ful applications. They are used to having more Kubernetes-native control over applications. Prometheus Operator makes it easy to deploy and manage Prometheus instances. It also provides easy monitoring definitions for Kubernetes services. We can easily deploy Prometheus servers and use advanced options in the Prometheus CRD to let the Operator handle version upgrades, persistent volume claims, and the discovery of Alertmanager instances.

Thanks to Prometheus Operator you don't have to learn Prometheus-specific configuration language to monitor your services. Target discovery is achieved through ServiceMonitor CRD, target configurations are automatically generated based on Kubernetes label selectors.

The Operator acts on the following custom resource definitions (CRDs):

  • Prometheus: defines the desired Prometheus deployment. It's used by the Operator to deploy Prometheus instances.

  • ServiceMonitor: declaratively specifies how groups of services should be monitored. The Operator automatically generates Prometheus scrape configuration based on the definition.

  • PrometheusRule: defines a desired Prometheus rule file, which is going to be loaded by a Prometheus instance containing Prometheus alerting and recording rules.

  • Alertmanager, defines a desired Alertmanager deployment. It's used by the Operator to deploy AlertManager instances.

The operator takes care of Prometheus deployment and monitors Services as illustrated in this image from Prometheus Operator repository:

operator architecture


  • Kubernetes >= 1.24.0
  • Kustomize = v3.5.3

Image repository and tag

  • Prometheus Operator image:
  • Prometheus Operator repository: Prometheus Operator on Github
  • kube-rbac-proxy image:
  • kube-rbac-proxy repository: kube-rbac-proxy on Github


Fury distribution Prometheus Operator is deployed with the following configuration:

  • Replica number: 1
  • Logging to stderr is enabled
  • Resource limits are 200m for CPU and 200Mi for memory
  • Listens on port 8080


You can deploy Prometheus Operator by running the following command:

kustomize build | kubectl apply -f - --server-side

Deploying Prometheus

Once Prometheus Operator is deployed, you can deploy Prometheus and Alertmanager instances through Operator's CRDs. Then you will be able to monitor and get alerts about the services deployed on your Kubernetes cluster. To learn how to deploy Prometheus via Operator please see prometheus-operated documentation. To learn how to deploy Alertmanager please see alertmanager-operated documentation.