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Version: 1.23

Prometheus Adapter

The Prometheus adapter provides an implementation of Kubernetes resource metrics, custom metrics, and external metrics APIs.

This adapter is therefore suitable for use with the autoscaling/v2 Horizontal Pod Autoscaler in Kubernetes 1.6+. It can also replace the metrics server on clusters that already run Prometheus and collect the appropriate metrics.

Source: kubernetes-sigs/prometheus-adapter


Image repository and tag

  • Prometheus adapter image:
  • Prometheus adapter repository: Prometheus adapter on GitHub


Fury distribution Prometheus adapter is deployed with the following configuration:

  • Resource limits are 250m for CPU and 180Mi for memory
  • Listens on port 6443
  • Metrics are scraped from Prometheus every 1m


You can deploy prometheus-adapter by running the following command:

kustomize build katalog/prometheus-adapter | kubectl apply -f -