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Version: 1.23

Node Exporter

This package provides monitoring for hardware and OS metrics exposed by *NIX kernels provided by node-exporter service. You can see a list of collectors enabled by default from the project's repository


Image repository and tag

  • node-exporter image:
  • node-exporter repository: Node-Exporter on Github
  • kube-rbac-proxy image:
  • kube-rbac-proxy repository: kube-rbac-proxy on Github


Fury distribution node-exporter is deployed with the following configuration:

  • Ignore filesystem mount points starting with dev|proc|sys|var/lib/docker (local to the container file system)
  • Ignore filesystem types autofs|binfmt_misc|cgroup|configfs|debugfs|devpts|devtmpfs|fusectl|hugetlbfs|mqueue|overlay|proc|procfs|pstore|rpc_pipefs|securityfs|sysfs|tracefs
  • Resource limits are 250m for CPU and 180Mi for memory
  • Listens on port 9100


You can deploy node-exporter by running the following command:

kustomize build | kubectl apply -f -