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Version: 1.23

kube-proxy Metrics Exporter

kube-proxy is a critical piece of any Kubernetes cluster, therefore it is highly recommended to gather its metrics. Sometimes (especially in managed clusters) it is not possible to configure kube-proxy to be reachable by Prometheus for metrics scraping, this is why this package exists. Furthermore, this package also adds an authorization layer based on Kubernetes RBAC to the metrics exposed by kube-proxy.


Image repository and tag

  • kube-rbac-proxy image:
  • kube-rbac-proxy repository: kube-rbac-proxy on Github


Fury distribution kube-proxy-metrics is deployed with the following configuration:

  • Resource limits are 20m for CPU and 40Mi for memory
  • Listens on port 18443
  • Metrics are scraped by Prometheus with 15s intervals
  • Requires hostNetwork: true and hostPID: true
  • Runs as non-root user.


You can deploy kube-proxy-metrics by running the following command:

kustomize build | kubectl apply -f -