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Version: 1.23

Blackbox exporter

The blackbox exporter allows blackbox probing of endpoints over HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP, ICMP and gRPC.

Source: prometheus/blackbox_exporter


Image repository and tag


Blackbox exporter is deployed with the following configuration:

  • Resource limits are 20m for CPU and 40Mi for memory
  • Listens on port 9115
  • Metrics are scraped by Prometheus every 30s
  • Probes available:
    • HTTP 200 GET (http_2xx)
    • HTTP 200 POST (http_post_2xx)
    • IRC (irc_banner)
    • POP3S (pop3s_banner)
    • SSH (ssh_banner)
    • TCP (tcp_connect)

To learn how to instruct Prometheus to check Blackbox exporter probes, please see the examples folder.


You can deploy blackbox-exporter by running the following command:

kustomize build katalog/blackbox-exporter | kubectl apply -f - --server-side