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Version: 1.22

Kubernetes Fury Monitoring

Kubernetes Fury Monitoring provides a fully-fledged monitoring stack for the Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD). This module extends and improves upon the Kube-Prometheus project.

If you are new to KFD please refer to the official documentation on how to get started with KFD.


This module is designed to give you full control and visibility over your cluster operations. Metrics from the cluster and the applications are collected and clean analytics are offered via a visualization platform, Grafana.

The centerpiece of this module is the [prometheus-operator], which offers the easy deployment of the following as controllers:

  • Prometheus: An open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit for cloud-native applications
  • Alertmanager: Manages alerts sent by the Prometheus server and route them through receiver integrations such as email, Slack, or PagerDuty
  • ServiceMonitor: Declaratively specifies how groups of services should be monitored, by automatically generating Prometheus scrape configuration based on the definition

Since the export of certain metrics can be heavily cloud-provider specific, we provide a bunch of cloud-provider specific configuration. The setups we currently support include:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • on-premises or self-managed cloud clusters

Most of the components in this module are deployed in namespace monitoring, unless the functionality requires a permission that forces it to be deployed in the namespace kube-system.


Kubernetes Fury Monitoring provides the following packages:

prometheus-operator0.57.0Operator to deploy and manage Prometheus and related resources
prometheus-operated2.36.1Prometheus instance deployed with Prometheus Operator's CRD
alertmanager-operated0.24.0Alertmanager instance deployed with Prometheus Operator's CRD
blackbox-exporter0.24.0Prometheus exporter that allows blackbox probing of endpoints over HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP, ICMP and gRPC.
grafana8.5.5Grafana deployment to query and visualize metrics collected by Prometheus
kube-proxy-metrics0.12.0RBAC proxy to securely expose kube-proxy metrics
kube-state-metrics2.5.0Service that generates metrics from Kubernetes API objects
node-exporter1.3.1Prometheus exporter for hardware and OS metrics exposed by *NIX kernels
prometheus-adapter0.9.1Kubernetes resource metrics, custom metrics, and external metrics APIs implementation.
thanos0.24.0Thanos is a high-availability Prometheus setup that provides long term storage via an external object store
x509-exporter3.2.0Provides monitoring for certificates

Integration with cloud providers

One of the following components can be used to enable service monitoring in each cloud environment:

aks-smServiceMonitor to collect Kubernetes components metrics from AKS
gke-smServiceMonitor to collect Kubernetes components metrics from GKE
eks-smServiceMonitor to collect Kubernetes components metrics from EKS
kubeadm-smServiceMonitors, Prometheus rules and alerts for Kubernetes components of self-managed or on-premises clusters

Please refer the individual package documentation for further details.


Kubernetes VersionCompatibilityNotes
1.21.xNo known issues
1.22.xNo known issues
1.24.xNo known issues
1.24.xNo known issues

Check the compatibility matrix for additional information about previous releases of the modules.



furyctl>=0.6.0The recommended tool to download and manage KFD modules and their packages. To learn more about furyctl read the official documentation.
kustomize>=3.5.0Packages are customized using kustomize. To learn how to create your customization layer with kustomize, please refer to the repository.


  1. List the packages you want to deploy and their version in a Furyfile.yml
monitoring: v2.0.1

- name: monitoring/prometheus-operator
- name: monitoring/prometheus-operated
- name: monitoring/alertmanager-operated
- name: monitoring/blackbox-exporter
- name: monitoring/kube-proxy-metrics
- name: monitoring/kube-state-metrics
- name: monitoring/grafana
- name: monitoring/node-exporter
- name: monitoring/prometheus-adapter
- name: monitoring/x509-exporter

Along with the primary components, include one of the following components, based on the cloud provider for service monitoring:

  • ServiceMonitor for AWS EKS cluster
- name: monitoring/eks-sm
  • ServiceMonitor for Azure AKS cluster
- name: monitoring/aks-sm
  • ServiceMonitor for GCP GKE cluster
- name: monitoring/gke-sm
  • ServiceMonitor for on-premises and self-managed cluster
- name: monitoring/kubeadm-sm

See furyctl documentation for additional details about Furyfile.yml format.

  1. Execute furyctl vendor -H to download the packages

  2. Inspect the download packages under ./vendor/katalog/monitoring.

  3. To deploy the packages to your cluster, define a kustomization.yaml with the following content:

- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/prometheus-operator
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/prometheus-operated
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/alertmanager-operated
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/blackbox-exporter
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/kube-proxy-metrics
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/kube-state-metrics
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/grafana
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/node-exporter
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/prometheus-adapter
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/x509-exporter

Include in the kustomization also the ServiceMonitor package specific to each service provider as follows:

  • For AWS EKS
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/eks-sm

  • For GCP GKE
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/gke-sm

  • For Azure AKS
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/aks-sm

  • For on-premises and self-managed
- ./vendor/katalog/monitoring/kubeadm-sm

  1. To deploy the packages to your cluster, execute:
kustomize build . | kubectl apply -f - --server-side


To see examples on how to customize Fury Kubernetes Monitoring packages, please go to examples directory.