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Version: 1.22.X

On-prem Installer

Kubernetes Fury on-premises is an add-on module for the Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD) that provides packages to install Kubernetes to on-premises VMs.

If you are new to KFD please refer to the official documentation on how to get started with KFD.


Kubernetes Fury on-premises uses a collection of open source tools to install Kubernetes in an on-premises environment.


The following packages are included in the Fury Kubernetes on-premises module:

vsphere-cm1.22.6Kubernetes Cloud Provider for vSphere
vsphere-csi2.5.2vSphere storage Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin
etcd3.4.7Ansible role to install etcd as systemd service
haproxy2.2Ansible role to install HAProxy as Kubernetes load balancer for the APIServer
containerd1.5.8Ansible role to install containerd as container runtime
docker19.XAnsible role to install docker as container runtime
kube-node-common-Ansible role to install prerequisites for Kubernetes setup
kube-control-plane-Ansible role to install master nodes
kube-worker-Ansible role to install worker nodes and join them to the cluster

Click on each package to see its full documentation.


This version is compatible with Kubernetes 1.22.13

Check the compatibility matrix for additional information about previous releases of the modules.